Thesis and Outline

This week in class you have been shoring up your research. The last half of the week has been about building the foundation for your paper. This means developing your thesis statement and creating an outline. As you develop your thesis, it is important to think about your audience and your purpose.

As you outline, you might find that you have some gaps in your research. That is OK and a common issue. You will need to use the weekend to go back and fill in those gaps.

The outline template is linked here. Make sure to share this with me.

Outlining and Starting Paragraphs

Happy Thanksgiving! Although you have no homework this long weekend, I wanted to give you a few things to think about as you start to craft your paragraphs.

  1. As you are writing, use in source citations. (Currey 14)
  2. Color-code your writing as you go in your google doc.
    1. Paraphrase – Black
    2. Direct Quotations – Red (with quotation marks)
    3. Your original ideas – Blue
    4. Common background knowledge – green
  3. Make sure you shared your paragraphs with me (as an editor)

Read a book in your time off!