Oration and Debate – Julius Caesar

Tonight for homework, you should prepare to give one of the speeches from Julius Caesar in class tomorrow. Make sure you practice out loud several times. It would be a good idea to practice in front of your family. Use the rubric to help you prepare. Your assigned lines are below.

Brutus Gayatri, Naomi, Karam, Seldon, Mark  Kara, August, Tyler, Sunho, Mehar
Antony 83-116 TT, Kabir  Faaiza, Jeff
Antony 132-176 Leszek, Raina  Basquiat, Arjun
Antony 186-214 Maseerah, Emma  Jake, Janice
Antony 226-250 Vinay, Laukya, Jonathan  Chris, Sid, Sarah-Jane


You were also assigned debate teams and topics in class today. Period 2/5 will debate on Thursday while 4/7 will go on Friday. Here are your groups and topics. The instructions and outlines can be found under the Power and Control page.

A. Caesar showed stronger leadership qualities than Brutus.

  • 2/5 – Jonathan, Naomi, Mark, Raina
  • 4/7 – August, Arjun, Jeff, Sunho

B. Cassius used more effective persuasion techniques than Antony.

  • 2/5 – Leszek, Emma, Karam
  • 4/7 – Janice, Jake, , Mehar

C. Brutus is an honorable man.

  • 2/5 – Kabir, Vinay, Laukya
  • 4/7 – Basquiat, , Tyler, Chris

D. Loyalty in friendship is more important than personal principles.

  • 2/5 – Gayatri, Tingting, Seldon, Maseerah
  • 4/7 – Kara, Faaiza, Sarah-Jane, Sid