Semester One Reflection

Now that the semester has concluded, it is time that we look back on our work and reflect on what we have accomplished. You should select two pieces of work from this semester, ideally one from each quarter. You then need to complete the reflection sheet for each of the two work samples. You may fill out the sheet or you can write your reflection in paragraph form.

Finally, your work samples and reflections should be linked in your blog on your Humanities 8 page. To see a sample of how this should look, visit this sample page.


Here is the google doc link to the same sheet below:

Humanities Q 1 and Q2 Work Sample Reflection
Instructions: Select something you have done this past quarter that you feel reflects your growth and progress as a learner. Use the prompts below to document and reflect on this work.

Name:                    Work Sample Title:

  1. Background and explanation of work sample (what was this assignment all about):
  1. I selected this work sample because…
  1. By doing this assignment I learned or improved in the following ways…
  1. One area for growth or improvement that this work sample reminds me of is…
  1. This assignment helped me to learn more about ___________because…
  1. Additional details or information that will help explain the importance of this work are….

The piece of learning is important to me because:

I am proud of this piece because:

This piece shows that I need to work on ________________________.  I will be able to work on this by: