Citing the POP Guest Speakers

To cite a speaker you need to follow this format:

The components of a Works Cited list entry for a lecture or speech, listed in the proper order:


Formatting Details

  • Include the speaker’s last name, followed by a comma, followed by the first name.

  • For more than one speaker, see the citation style conventions for a book.

Period (.)
  • Give the title of the presentation in quotation marks.
  • The period goes inside the quotation marks.
  • If there is a title within the title or any quotation marks inside the title, transform the inner quotation marks to single quotes (“….’…’…”).
  • Click here for notes on capitalization.
Period (.)
  • Include the name of the conference at which the speech was presented, or the sponsoring organization.
Period (.)
  • Include the location of the conference, i.e. the city (and the state if the city isn’t common).
Period (.)
  • Include the day, followed by month (abbreviated) and year (four digits), i.e. 28 Sept. 1993.
Period (.)



Fleenor, Juliann E.  "Illinois Women: Quilt-Making--History-Making."  Illinois,
     Beginning with Woman . . . Histories and Cultures [Conference].  Urbana-
     Champaign.  26 Mar. 1993.

Example from AES:


Ter-Weeme, Peter. "AES Water and Air Pollution Presentation." 
     American Embassy School POP Guest Speakers. New Delhi, 
     India. 21 Feb. 2013. 
Source: Citation information from



Thesis and Outline

This week in class you have been shoring up your research. The last half of the week has been about building the foundation for your paper. This means developing your thesis statement and creating an outline. As you develop your thesis, it is important to think about your audience and your purpose.

As you outline, you might find that you have some gaps in your research. That is OK and a common issue. You will need to use the weekend to go back and fill in those gaps.

The outline template is linked here. Make sure to share this with me.