Factories in the Industrial Revolution

Today we ran the Factory Game simulation in class. I hope that you enjoyed the activity and got a sense of what it might have been like to work in an early factory.

Since we have Digital Citizenship Camp tomorrow and Friday, you have a larger than usual amount of homework.

Wednesday: Complete the Factory Game Debrief
Thursday: Read The Outsiders ch. 6-7
Friday and the Weekend: Finish watching Mill Times


Today in class we took a quiz over the IR vocabulary. We had a brief discussion about the Rise of Big Business and then started a short one day mini-research project on some of the important inventions from the IR. The task sheet can be found under the Quarter 1 page on this blog.

There seems to be quite a bit of panic over tonight’s homework. This is supposed to be a fun way to learn about some of the inventions that help lead to the rise of big business. Instead of three sources, you can use two. I hope this helps ease the load.

Hum 2/5

Maseerah – Cotton Gin – Eli Whitney

Hum 4/7

Mehar –¬†Cotton Gin – Eli Whitney

Faaiza – Seed Drill – Jethro Tull

Jeff –¬†Induction Electric Motor – Nicola Tesla