Infographic Peer Evaluation

Howdy Class,

We are finishing up our infographics today. Tomorrow you will get a chance to see the great work all of your classmates have done on this project over the last week. Tonight, take a moment to fill out this peer evaluation for each member of your group and one for yourself.

The Link

I would also like for you to take a moment to reflect on your work. Embed the infographic into a post on your blog and write a reflective blog post.  The reflection should have two parts

  • Content: What did you learn about this conflict that was surprising? Did this conflict show similarities to other conflicts you have studied? Do you think this is a just or unjust conflict (and explain)?
  • Process: How did the process of making an infographic change your thinking on the conflict? What was difficult and what was easy in this process? Did you find making an infographic useful?