Today in class we took a quiz over the IR vocabulary. We had a brief discussion about the Rise of Big Business and then started a short one day mini-research project on some of the important inventions from the IR. The task sheet can be found under the Quarter 1 page on this blog.

There seems to be quite a bit of panic over tonight’s homework. This is supposed to be a fun way to learn about some of the inventions that help lead to the rise of big business. Instead of three sources, you can use two. I hope this helps ease the load.

Hum 2/5

Maseerah – Cotton Gin – Eli Whitney

Hum 4/7

Mehar – Cotton Gin – Eli Whitney

Faaiza – Seed Drill – Jethro Tull

Jeff – Induction Electric Motor – Nicola Tesla

Assembly Line Reflection

You should write a paragraph that answers the following questions on your blog.

Think about how you felt about your toy in 1700. Which process was more enjoyable? Relaxing? How did working on the assembly line change your attitude about toy-making? How did your attitude change toward your co-workers, to the overseer, or the owner of the factory?   How did the quality of the product (the toy) change from the original to the one that was mass produced? In 1700 you were an artisan. How would you label yourself in 1780?

How do you think the Industrial Revolution changed the way people lived?