Documentary Movies – Then and Now

Today in class we finished our vignettes and started a new project.You are going to be creating a documentary movie connecting an issue from the industrial revolution to a current issue happening today in the world.
You were placed in a group and given a topic – you can find that here. There are also a few resources for each topic to help you get started.
Your group should have created a google doc as well for you all to begin researching and note-taking this weekend. The movies will be due on Wed. Oct. 12.
Finally, you need to make sure your vignette is ready to be assessed. I will be looking at those this weekend and providing feedback on your gdoc.

Ellis Island Homework

Great job with the immigration simulation today. I had a lot of fun and it seems like you did too. Now its time to turn that fun into learning! Use the immigration letter task sheet to help guide you when writing a letter to a loved one back in the ‘Old Country’.  This is due MONDAY.

The second thing you need to do over the next four days is to take pictures from around your neighborhood. We are going to be working with these pictures next week to create photo-essays about our lives. Make sure you bring those in on a USB or you can upload them to picassa or another photo site.  (VIDEO for picassa if you want to try it)