Need some reading reccomendations?

Are you looking for a new series to get into? Are you ready to try a new genre or discover a new favorite author? One way we can grow as readers is to expand the types of books we read. NPR, National Public Radio, recently put out a list of the Top 100 young adult books of all time. Check it out and see if you can find a new favorite. Or you could just see how many of this list you have read.

For the comments of this post: You could put the number of books on this list you have read. What books belong on this list that are not there? Is there a book you think deserves to be higher?

NPR’s Top 100 Young Adult Novels

**Spoiler** The Outsiders is #13


Photo Credit: Mr. Currey

Book Talks

Howdy Kiddos!

The book talks have finally been uploaded. Find yours and embed it into your “My Reading” page on your own blog.