In class today, we continued researching about our assigned dictator, specifically looking for ways that they were able to acquire and maintain control. It is a good idea to refer back to the dictator power point in class for examples/classifications of how dictators are able to control. All the links can be found on the Power and Control page.

Class 2/5 Class 4/7
Mao Tse Tung Kabir, Tingting Tyler, Kara
Saddam Hussein Raina, Gayatri Jeff, Faaiza
Fidel Castro Laukya Chris, Sid
Kim Il Sung
Ho Chi Minh Emma, Arjun
Benito Mussolini Leszek, Naomi Basquiat
Muammar Gaddafi Karam, Jonathan August, Janice
Pol Pot Mark, Maseerah Sunho
Robert Mugabe Seldon Sarah-Jane
Augosto Pinochet Vinay Jake

Remember to start your research with the online databases shown in class (on the library website). Yesterday, we looked at Enclyclopedia Brittanica online and World Geography. Today we worked with Facts on File.

Before class tomorrow, you need to have 20 information ‘cards’ in evernote. This is important because we will begin the process of thinking about thesis tomorrow.