Globalization Debates

As we study power and the future this quarter, globalization is one of the major issues to consider. You will be debating the issue of globalization in class next Thursday. Find your topics and teams below. The humanities teachers have gathered articles for you to make your research load lighter. You can find those by clicking this link (in your google drive). To get started, you just need to read the articles on both sides of your issue. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week, we will really begin to prepare for the debate.

For details on the structure of the debate – click here.

If you want to watch debates from last year, go to this post.

Globalization is harmful to human rights

2/5 – Tanu and Sara; Christina and Kanish

4/7 – Miranda and Hyun Gyu and Aryaan; Jaiveer and Johnny

Globalization helps developing countries

2/5 – Kent; Graeme and Nathan

4/7 – Camille, and Philip; Noa and Sue

Globalization benefits the environment

2/5 – Amey and Arjun; Savar and Dhruv

4/7 – Avni and Antonio; Anna and Yoon Seo

Globalization promotes terrorism

2/5 – Meha and Jinny; Chase

4/7 – Cristiano and Surya; Erik and Lucy