Book Talks

Howdy Kiddos!

The book talks have finally been uploaded. Find yours and embed it into your “My Reading” page on your own blog.

Shelfari Setup, Book Talks and Movie Group Evaluations

I really enjoyed watching your movies in class today. Thank you for all the hard work you put in the last two weeks. Congratulations to the following groups who’s movies will be shown tomorrow:

Leszek, Naomi and Emma

Mark, Maseerah and Seldon

Tyler, August and Chris

Arjun, Janice, and Sid

Tonight for homework, you need to complete the group evaluation you were given in class.

You also need to create your shelfari bookshelf and embed it into your blog under the ‘My Reading’ page. This page should be under the Humanities 8 parent page. The instructions for putting your shelfari bookshelf into your blog are here.

Finally, we will be doing book talks when we get back from WOW and October break. I hope you will choose to give a talk on a book that you read over the break. The instructions and rubric are on the ‘Book Talks’ page.┬áHere is the presentation calendar.

Mon November 7 Janice Laukya
Tues November 8 Jake, Tyler
Wed November 9 August, Kara Tingting, Jonathan
Thur November 10 Faaiza Naomi, Emma
Fri November 11 Basquiat, Chris Mark, Seldon
Mon November 14 Jeff, Sunho Kabir, Leszek
Tues November 15 Arjun Gayatri, Vinay
Wed November 16 Mehar, Sarah-Jane Karam, Raina
Fri November 18 Sid Maseerah