Power and Control – Quarter 2

Stalin Trial

 Trial Basic – How to power point

Trial Instructions – Task Sheet

Reading – Stalin and Control

Reading – The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union


Dictator Research Paper

Paper Guidelines

Characteristics a Dictator Power Point 

Evernote Notecard Guidelines 

Research Guide

Research Checklist (to help you focus your research)

Methods of Control – Taking a closer look at  Ideology, Propoganda, and Censorship

Crafting your Thesis – power point

Mentor Texts:

Boxes and Bullets Outline – Google Doc

Boxes and Bullets Outline – PDF

Boxes and Bullets – Power point notes

Transition Words

Writing Conclusions

Writing Introductions

In-Text Citations


Julius Caesar

Intro to Rome Lecture

Act 1 Vocabulary

Act 1 Review Quotes Line work

Oratory Rubric – Marc Antony and Brutus Speeches





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