Power and Change

Last week we began our second unit, Author’s Craft Through Power and Change.

The purpose of this unit is to look closely at writer’s craft and point of view through the lens of power and change. Our Social Studies context focuses on the causes and effects of the Industrial Revolution in Britain and the subsequent immigration to the United States. We will also be making connections to current events that resemble the historical issues we are studying.

Today we ran a factory line simulation, and the kids had lots of fun making toys…and I had lots of fun being a surly factory manager who docked pay for talking back! We will be discussing how the factory system changed the way people think about work.

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Readers will be using their skills of critical literacy to develop an understanding cause and effect in both literature and informational texts.

We have also started to lay the groundwork for writing vignettes over the next few weeks. These vignettes will incorporate many of the qualities of narrative writing and will allow students to explore many different techniques as they write.

Assessments in this unit will focus on students’ ability to discuss the aforementioned causes and effects, reading of informational texts, reading of vignettes, and writing historical fiction vignettes.

Thanks and see you next week at conferences,


Read Aloud

WooHoo! We finally started our class readĀ aloud, The Outsiders. You are going to love this book and what we are able to learn about the world through it.