Monday, October 22

Today you will watch a video that will give background on the communism, Karl Marx and Joseph Stalin. The transcript for the movie is here if you want to read along with the video.

After you watch the video, you will get with a partner and read your vignettes to one another. Read aloud your own vignette to your partner. After you read, have a discussion using the guide below. Record notes at the bottom of your vignette google doc. Then switch and the other partner will read. All other class time should be used for revision.

First, discuss the theme. The listener should tell what they think it is before the writer explains.

Second, talk to each other about the specific ways that the writer develops the theme. What specific sentences are used?

Third, talk about the descriptive and sensory language as well as the literary devices that are used and how effective they are.

Vignette Rubric <–link (also in Gdrive in “Writing Workshop”)

Homework: You need to have a completed draft of your vignette for class on Tuesday. You should work on revision tonight.

Block 5 Block 7
Amey and Graeme
Liam and Kent
Nathan and Kanish
Sara and Arjun
Meha and Jinny and Christina
Dhruv and Jee Won
Joschka and Tanu
Chase will be absent
Cristiano and Miranda
Philip and Johnny
Surya and Avni
Antonio and Savar
Camille and Yoon Seo
Hyun Gyu and Erik
Noa and Idun
Aryaan and Jaiveer
Anna and Lucy

The Week Ahead


The Arrival – How to writers use images to tell stories?

Documentary Movies – Research Notes – Collaborate on what you know and what gaps you need to fill.

Homework – Fill in the gaps in your research.


Readers Workshop – Bring your independent reading book.

Documentary Movies – Your treatment and outline is due today


Writers Workshop – Vignettes

Documentary Movies – Begin Storyboard and Script writing

Homework – Gather images and videos for your documentary


Readers Workshop – Bring your independent reading book.

Documentary Movies – Script and Storyboard due. Continue Collecting images and videos.


FYI – The movies are due by the end of class on Thursday October 4th. You might want to make plans to stay after school as a group on Wednesday the 3rd.