Independent Reading Reflection

Write a blog post that assess your progress as an independent reader for the first quarter. List all of the books you read this quarter. What were the two skills you worked on? What was the reading habit goal you worked on? How were you successful in working on these goals?

You also need to identify the new goals you will be working on this quarter as a reader. Everyone will have the reading goal, I will read to identify and analyze the development of theme within a text. You should choose one more goal from this list. Then choose one reading habit goal.

Finally, you need to create a list of five books that you want to read next. The purpose of this list is to give you options on what to read after finishing a book so you don’t get stuck between books.



Making Your Thinking About Reading Visible

Making Reading Thinking Visible. Readers have to do the work of reading in order to grow. We often stop and think as we read, but to help really cement new reading skills, we are working on making that thinking visible. Refer back to the presentation (in Hum Docs and below) for guidance on making your thinking about reading visible.