Formative Persuasive Speeches

Today we will begin our formative persuasive speeches. You will record your speech, upload it to youtube, and embed it on your blog. Watch your video, but wait one day. You then need to write a reflective blog post. You post should address the following:

  • In what ways did you use the three rhetorical appeals? ¬†Refer to specific parts of your speech.
  • What were you most proud of in this speech, or what worked well?
  • What is one thing (or two) that you will work on when crafting your summative persuasive speech to make it more persuasive?
  • What is one thing you will work on when delivering your next speech in terms of presentation skills?

Please post your video (embedded) and your reflection before Monday Nov. 24th.

Learning from Reading Logs

Over the past three weeks, you have been collecting data on your reading habits. All of these stats can be useful in knowing who you are as a reader. Spend some time examining the reading that you have done (specifically the stats you have kept). What can be learned?

After you think on your log, compose a blog post that addresses these questions. You should write your post in a paragraph format.

  • Did you consistently keep up with your reading log – be specific, refer to evidence (the stats) to justify
  • How many total pages did you read? Total minutes? What was your average reading speed?
  • Where there times when you struggled to read or where really successful? – be specific by using your stats.

Finally choose three to five sticky notes that best reflect the thinking you have done on your reading skills goals (not habit) so far this quarter. Take pictures and insert them into your blog post with a reflection as to how these show your growth as a reader.