Virtual Day

Good Morning and Happy Virtual Day. It was nice to chat with many parents at conferences and to share some of the successes your kids are having in Humanities this year. I hope that you have been having conversations at home about our current unit.

The purpose of this unit is to look closely at writer’s craft and point of view through the lens of power and change. Our Social Studies context focuses on the causes and effects of the Industrial Revolution in Britain and the subsequent immigration to the United States. Readers will be using their skills of critical literacy to develop an understanding for causality in both literature and informational text. There is an emphasis in writing on understanding a writer’s craft in terms of organization, tone, and voice across different genres.

For virtual day students have three tasks.

  1. The will watch a short video on economics and answer questions along with the video. This connects with many of the ideas we have been discussing and reading about in class.
  2. They will conduct a book club meeting through google classroom, responding to each other’s comments to deepen their understanding about the book they are reading together.
  3. They will spend some time writing another vignette. We have been reading and writing vignettes in class and focusing on the following traits of writing: ideas, sentence fluency, and voice. Today they will try out their first historical fiction vignette by writing about a character in their book club book.

I will be available via email all day except from 1:00-2:30 in the afternoon. Please let me know if you have any questions.


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