Our Literary Magazine!

Becca and Olivia have taken the liberty of encouraging you to have a look at our literary magazine.

Greetings, users of the inter-web. First off, we hope you are having a delightful day, but WE want to make it better! How would we even try to accomplish that, you ask? We, students of Isaac Ford Currey, have been working hard this year in analyzing. Very hard. In celebration of our dedication and perseverance, we have created a MAGAZINE. Magazine of what, you ask?  Each student of the terrific, curly-headed teacher (but now bald), Isaac Currey, has analyzed their own book. We recommend you to take a look. If you want your day to be even more delightful.

We have worked hard to write for a middle school audience and have really worked on our craft as writers. We hope that you will find these more interesting than the traditional literary essay.

View my Flipboard Magazine.

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