Citing the POP Guest Speakers

To cite a speaker you need to follow this format:

The components of a Works Cited list entry for a lecture or speech, listed in the proper order:


Formatting Details

  • Include the speaker’s last name, followed by a comma, followed by the first name.

  • For more than one speaker, see the citation style conventions for a book.

Period (.)
  • Give the title of the presentation in quotation marks.
  • The period goes inside the quotation marks.
  • If there is a title within the title or any quotation marks inside the title, transform the inner quotation marks to single quotes (“….’…’…”).
  • Click here for notes on capitalization.
Period (.)
  • Include the name of the conference at which the speech was presented, or the sponsoring organization.
Period (.)
  • Include the location of the conference, i.e. the city (and the state if the city isn’t common).
Period (.)
  • Include the day, followed by month (abbreviated) and year (four digits), i.e. 28 Sept. 1993.
Period (.)



Fleenor, Juliann E.  "Illinois Women: Quilt-Making--History-Making."  Illinois,
     Beginning with Woman . . . Histories and Cultures [Conference].  Urbana-
     Champaign.  26 Mar. 1993.

Example from AES:


Ter-Weeme, Peter. "AES Water and Air Pollution Presentation." 
     American Embassy School POP Guest Speakers. New Delhi, 
     India. 21 Feb. 2013. 
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