Documentary Movie Groups and Topics

Class 2-5

Graeme, Dhruv, Chase – Foxconn Factory

Amey, Kanish, Jaschka – Income Inequality in India

Kent, Meha, Jee Won – Construction Workers in India

Sara, Christina, Tanu – Ragpickers in India

Nathan, Jinny, Liam – Nike Foundation


Class 4-7

Cristiano, Noa, Idun – Electric Car

Miranda, Lucy, Johnny – Air Quality in Shizuishan City (China)

Philip, Yoon Seo, Avni – Favellas in Rio

Surya, Camille, Savar – Wal-Mart’s Anti-union policies

Anna, Aryaan, Antonio – Women’s Suffrage movement in Saudi Arabia

Hyun Gyu, Erik, Jaiveer – Child Workers in the Carppet industry


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