Author’s Craft Through Power and Change

Greetings from 8th Grade Humanities!

I hope everyone has adjusted well to the beginning of school and that things are running smoothly. This week we begin our second unit, Author’s Craft Through Power and Change.

The purpose of this unit is to look closely at writer’s craft and point of view through the lens of power and change. Our Social Studies context focuses on the causes and effects of the Industrial Revolution in Britain and the subsequent shift to the United States. Readers will be using their skills of critical literacy to develop an understanding for causality in both literature and informational text. There is an emphasis in writing on understanding a writer’s craft in terms of organization, tone, and voice across different genres.

Assessments will focus on students’ ability to discuss the aforementioned causes and effects, reading of informational texts, reading of vignettes, and writing historical fiction.


Isaac Currey